White Chestnut Flower Remedy: my mind is tormented by unwanted thoughts

Is your mind tormented by constant, repetitive and worrying thoughts? Does your mind sound like a broken record?

Do you have trouble sleeping because of the thoughts going round in your head, particularly in the early hours of the morning? Do you, again and again, think about what you might have said or should have said? Do you find it difficult to concentrate and even hear when you get spoken to because your persistent thought demands so much energy?

young man worries depressed sad brown leather sofa

White Chestnut is for those who experience persistent unwanted thoughts which they do not desire entering their minds.

This lovely flower essence helps to dissipate mental torture. It is a lovely remedy that I recommend when your unwanted thoughts cloud over your mind, and you need to turn off the incessant inner chatter. This remedy will help you to regain clarity, find tranquillity and restore peace of mind.

How to take this remedy:

You can either put 2 drops of the essence directly on the tongue or mix 2 drops in a glass of water to drink.

How many times:

4 times a day

Everyone can take Bach Remedies:

Children, babies and animals – safely and without fear of side effects, overdosing or addiction.

Please note:

The Bach Flower Remedies are not intended to replace medical treatment and, where necessary, they can be used in conjunction with, and as a complement to any other form of treatment.

*The remedies are preserved in brandy, so please be cautious if you have issues around the use of alcohol.