Responding vs. Reacting

Lao Tzu quote

So many times, we know what we should do, what we should say, what we want to do, how we want to behave… but yet in the moment, we simply fail.

We fail because we snap at our loved ones impulsively, raise our voices, speak words that we know we will regret, make decisions that we know do not support us, and react defensively. And too often, we end up doing things we don’t want to do – doing things we know deep down in our soul we can do better.

Why? Because we react. And reacting is all about impulsivity. When we react, we are allowing our actions to be dictated by our emotions and feelings.

You see, there are two types of people in this world – those who react and those who respond.

Responding is very different from reacting. Responding is the opposite of reacting. It is a conscious act, and it is about choosing to be fully present in the moment. When you respond, you act in a calm manner assessing the situation, momentarily suspending that judgment and listening.

I want you to think of Mindfulness as a “space” between the trigger and how we choose to respond.

When we respond mindfully, we automatically take a step back to acknowledge our emotions and our fears. And this helps us to see any situation from another point of view and gain some fresh perspective.

I am not going to lie, it does take a little more effort and practice to respond rather than react, but responding forces us to grow as human beings. It helps us become the best that we can be.

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