adam jones quote labels

We go through life continually labelled by our parents, relatives, friends, teachers, bosses, colleagues, spouse, etc. They all think they know who we are.

Sadly, these labels attach themselves to us and transform into the little voice in our head that whispers: I am fat; I am ugly; I am stupid; I am shy; I am not confident; I am not worth being loved and I could go on.

Don’t let anyone define you. I know too well that breaking free from people’s opinions and definitions of you takes courage. But remember, your character and personality make you who you really are, and not what other people think and say about you.

The worry with “labels” is, you live up to what is anticipated of you, and its effects can be very damaging. As you can imagine, your labels, especially the negative ones, can affect your confidence and self-esteem – resulting in no room for change and demotivation to rise above expectation.

It is your birthright to be free to express yourself and nurture your unique gifts and potentials.

Remember you are who you think you are.

So show up to the world as the beautiful true you because you have so much to offer.