Do you suffer from inferiority complex?

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Larch is the flower remedy that helps to treat individuals who lack self-confidence and tend to give up too easily. The Larch personality feels that they are destined to fail so they often don’t even attempt to try. With a tendency to compare themselves to others, they assume that they are not as worthy and competent as them. As you can imagine, when you have a Larch personality, it is practically impossible to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

People with the larch personality are often described by those around them as “lazy” because they give the impression that they cannot be bothered to make an effort. It’s not that they are lazy, they are simply convinced that failure is their fate and their chance to success is rather small. A below zero self-confidence is stopping them from taking action.

The Larch remedy is very helpful to control defeatist thoughts. As you become more hopeful, you start feeling more in control of your life again. You now feel brave enough to try things that you never thought were possible before. You accept that life comes with its ups and downs, filled with successes, mistakes and failures. And yes, you cannot be good at everything, but how do you grow and evolve if you are not willing to explore new things?

How do we learn about ourselves if we are not prepared to face mistakes and failures?

We live in a culture where the word “failure” has been overloaded with so much negativity and shame that people are not only afraid of the thought of failing but they are so hard on themselves if they do. Always remember that failure is just a thing that didn’t go to plan. And it is for you to notice why it didn’t go to plan. There is always something to learn from something that didn’t go as expected. And as you learn, you grow, and you evolve!

“No man is a failure who is enjoying life.” William Feather

Taking Larch Remedy on a regular basis will restore your self-confidence, self-esteem and the drive to explore new challenges that come your way without doubt or fear.


Put 2 drops of Larch Flower Remedy in a large glass of water. That’s all there is to it.

I recommend the above at least four times a day.

*Bach Flower Essences are preserved in brandy, so be mindful if you have issues with the use of brandy or alcohol.