Comparing yourself to others

Euginia Herlihy quote comparison

I want to talk to you about comparing yourself to others... because I used to do that a lot... for years!

I wanted to prove to the world, to people that I was worthy.

I was someone.

I was clever.

I was successful.

I was as good them.

And my life was a misery.

And today, I can tell you that comparing yourself to others is... absolutely illogical, insane, self-limiting, and detrimental to your mental health and your self-esteem.

You see, we are all different, every single one of us is unique. And supposed to be unique.

Think about it... we are all born with our own unique body, at different times, with different genes, in different places, with different upbringings, education, cultures, talents, gifts, struggles, strengths and weaknesses.

Comparing yourself to others only brings out your insecurities and your lack of self-confidence from feeling inadequate to being jealous and envious of the success of others.

And THAT is the route that leads you straight to sadness rather than true happiness.

You see looks, jobs, status, money, relationships, cars, lifestyle, popularity, houses… to me it is all superficial and meaningless. And to me it is kind of bizarre to compare yourself to others because you ONLY see the surface of what they INTENTIONALLY CHOOSE for you to see. I used to do that so I know people do that as well. So don’t be tricked by what you see on the outside.

What I’ve learnt is we are conditioned to think that the more we have, the happier, successful, content, and fulfilled we will be with our lives. I am not convinced about that anymore... I mean, face it:

The bigger the job position, the bigger the worry.

The bigger the popularity, the bigger the worry.

The bigger the house, the bigger the worry.

The bigger the car, the bigger the worry.

You get the picture!

Constant worries, generate stress. Persistent stress, leads to chronic stress. And chronic stress leads to anxiety and depression.

Do you want that for yourself?

When I stopped comparing myself to others, I stopped judging people. And I realised that I was not judging myself anymore.

When I came to that realisation... I felt free.

Free... because I was not emotionally attached to people anymore.

And feeling free is amazing.

So stop wasting your time focusing on other people’s lives at the expense of your own.

Be proud of who you are.

Where you come from.

Love and accept yourself just as you are.

And do YOUR thing. What makes you happy. I mean TRULY happy.