Dearest Melanie, a little thank you for the first class experience this afternoon. I am now totally Zen!! Most beautiful and relaxing. To be in your care and receive your expertise is something quite magical. It is very hard for me to push everything out of my mind but today's treatments did just that. Thank you so much for the sheer pleasure and relaxation.


Melanie is a superb therapist across the whole range of her treatments. The results are always first class and it is a pleasure to come away looking and feeling refreshed.


Dear Melanie, thank you for the lovely facial this morning (as always) and for the lovely and positive conversations we have. You give me strength and less lines!!


Melanie’s empathy and true understanding of what her clients are feeling is what makes her exceptional. She has helped me through a difficult time in my life. Her guidance and determination led me to change my whole outlook on life. Always present, she speaks with wisdom. She is loving, generous and a radiant light that touches your soul. 


Melanie, my massage and facial were pure bliss. It was wonderful and so relaxing. Thank you so much.


Today, my facial and massage were soothing and relaxing. Melanie is a caring and attentive therapist. She has a healing touch and is very intuitive to what your mind and body need. As always it was perfect.


Melanie is a genuinely warm person, who is intelligent, resourceful and caring. We sometimes have discussions that leave me thinking for the rest of the day.


Melanie is a consummate professional. She is always timely, well-presented, and knowledgeable about the treatment she is going to provide. I could not recommend Melanie highly enough.


The moment I arrive, Melanie makes me feel special and welcome. The treatments are always fabulous from massage to facial. Melanie always makes me feel at ease and I never feel rushed. It is a five star experience and Melanie is 1 in a million. I always look forward to returning. I have been a client for 12+ years - tout simplement merveilleux.

PY T. 

Melanie is a very competent, professional and extremely knowledgeable therapist. From the first time she treated me, 14 years ago, she instantly put me a ease and made me feel a highly valued client.


The most wonderful facial and massage I ever had.


Thank you so much for my back massage and facial. It was everything I needed and I feel so relaxed and my skin feels amazing. Highly recommend.


Working with the colour swatches was very illuminating and I could clearly see that some of the colours transformed my eyes and brightened my face. As Melanie told me about my personality, I actually realised something about myself that I had never acknowledged, it was as though someone was holding a mirror to my inner self. I never felt that Melanie was judging me but empowering me and that even though there were personality traits that I might not have liked in the analysis, knowing them has given me the chance to change them. Her knowledge and expertise clearly showed and I feel that this is helped by the fact that she really is a generous person who genuinely wants to help and make a difference to her clients.


I honestly can’t thank Melanie enough for the colour consultation I had with her. It lasted a good amount of time, was positive, informative, relaxed and most importantly can help me continuously in the future and is not just a quick fix. I would absolutely recommend Melanie to friends and family and am so happy with the results so far.


Since my colour consultation I have noticed I have been able to identify errors in the way I have been buying and wearing clothes. Sometimes you know something is not quite right but it is only after Melanie discussed with me the styles and colours that would compliment my personality, shape and colouring that I could see where I had been going wrong and sometimes why I loved wearing one particular piece.

Melanie I would like to thank you for a very interesting, useful and enlightening consultation.


I went to Melanie because dressing after my mastectomy has been challenging. I did not know what to expect from the whole experience but Melanie put me at ease from the moment that I arrived. She has a very caring and gentle approach and I could feel myself getting more relaxed as she started explaining what the whole process of the session will involve. I really enjoyed the questions that she was asking me as I found they made me think and reflect about myself. The colour draping session was very interesting, I could see visually the colour palette that suited me best.

I really appreciated her ability to deal with my personal needs. She made me feel very comfortable and spent lots of time on giving me tips and advices on how to dress my upper body.


Melanie identified my personality as autumn and explained how I fit this particular personality group. It was amazing to see how my personality traits fit into one category so perfectly and from there to have my own assigned colours. Once she held up my personal colours to my skin it became immediately apparent that these were in fact ‘my colours’ as with each one I saw a change in my appearance, some colours even made my eyes lighten.


I was absolutely thrilled with the whole experience, Melanie’s insight and knowledge is unbelievable. She is so patient and it felt like we discussed my personality and behaviour for hours. The depth of the consultation led her to decide what personality type I was, and she was proven to be correct in every way during the colour draping session. Her knowledge about what effects colour can have on you was amazing, and I came away with so much information as to how to dress for certain occasions.


After struggling with infertility and miscarriages, I become very low, upset and distressed all the time and unable to sleep. I got in touch with Melanie and discussed with her my emotions of how I was feeling. She recommend that I try a bespoke Bach Flower Remedy suited to my needs. I have been taking the remedy, putting drops into water and drink it continuously through the day. It’s been a week and half now and I’m sleeping well and feeling better in myself already. I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend having a consultation with Melanie.

I wish I had started sooner and can’t thank you enough!​


You are an angel. Thank you so much for what you do.


Melanie offers such amazing services. It is clear that she has a deep and knowledgeable understanding of what your needs are when it comes to put together a curated wardrobe that fits around your lifestyle and not to forget that suits your personality.

I love my bespoke colour swatches. Just what I needed to get my wardrobe back on track. Thank you so much.