Thai hermit exercise Ruesri Dat Ton Thai hermit yoga posture

Thai Hermit Yoga health benefits

Provides greater longevity

Improves agility, flexibility and mobility

Strengthens and tones muscles

Reduces neck, shoulder and back pain

Reduces joint pain and stiffness

Eases muscle aches and pains

Increases blood circulation

Improves respiratory and digestive function

Helps to detoxify the body

Strengthens the immune system

Reduces fight-or-flight stress response

Activates rest-and-digest response

Relieves stress and anxiety

Boosts concentration and meditation ability


I teach Thai Hermit Yoga, an ancient healing art tradition from Thailand. It is a healing practice that helps reverse long and short term imbalances from emotional, mental and physical stresses. The practice is safe and gentle and purely designed to restore good health, strength and vitality. 


Individual care for your specific needs

Traditionally, yoga consisted of private sessions between the guru (teacher) and the student. These ancient yoga teachers understood the importance of individualising each yoga experience to meet the individual student's needs.

Benefits of one-to-one yoga

One-to-one yoga sessions are convenient, comfortable, and flexible. Each session has the potential to be a profound experience as I choose a series of movements, self-massage exercises, vagus nerve activation, breathing practices and meditation techniques, which is accessible and meaningful to you as an individual and specific to your needs.

Healing investment: 75 minutes / £60 or £400 for 8 sessions

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