Balinese massage

This traditional Indonesian massage combines a range of techniques including massage, acupressure, reflexology, and aromatherapy, all into one session. Essential oils are a key part of a Balinese massage. These oils are usually strongly scented, and they serve both to help relax the muscles and soothe the mind. A variety of oils are used; commonly jasmine, rose, and sandalwood, while more exotic oils may include cempaka, sandat, and frangipani. To address a specific complaint, I may use a warm oil with an infusion of, for example, lemongrass, cloves, or ginger.

This energising massage eases muscles tension, stiffness and pain. It soothes the nervous system and helps to reduce fatigue, leaving you feeling calmer and rejuvenated.


Healing investment: 75 minutes / £65

Aromatherapy massage

This healing modality combines the use of the relaxing effects of the massage itself with the therapeutic effects of the essential oils and the sense of smell. The mind and body are soothed, and the body’s natural energy flow is stimulated. Aromatherapy massage is an excellent way of staying healthy and should be used as a preventative treatment regularly.

Healing investment:

55 minutes / £50

75 minutes / £65 (incl. scalp massage)

Reiki sensory therapy

Many of the emotional and physical discomforts that we experience are often caused by some form of subtle energy blockages. 

Subtle energies are drawn in by the chakras and distributed throughout the body by the meridians. Suffering from acute emotional trauma and ongoing stress causes negative energies, much like fat deposits, to accumulate in the energy body. These negative energies are the cause of discomforts in a person’s health, emotions, mind, spirit, or life. 

During the treatment, precisely calibrated tuning forks are applied to specific chakras and acupuncture points to activate the point and restore healing and balance to the meridian and chakra energy system. When we apply vibration to specific areas, we unblock negative energy and open the meridian channels in the body to restore a natural state of balance.

This sensory therapy calms and relaxes the nervous system, releases energy blocks, releases tension and stress, allows healing to occur, and promotes inner harmony.

Research by Dr Emoto proves that water is highly affected by frequency and sound. The human body is made up of 70% water. When we emit a frequency, the cells nearby start to change and vibrate at the same frequency - so the power for healing is simply immense when using tuning forks.


"Sound is the medicine of the future." Edgar Cayce (1877-1945)

Healing investment: 55 minutes / £60

Custom-blended Bach Flower Remedies

As a Bach practitioner, I work with the 38 original Bach Flower Remedies made by Ainsworths. The Bach Flower Remedies have unique healing qualities that treat the emotional highs and lows of everyday life – from anxiety and fear to boredom and grief. They can support you to adjust to a new job, ease stress and help with your day-to-day irritabilities. With no side effects, flower remedies are very safe to use.

You do not need an appointment to order custom-blended Bach Flower Remedies. I simply ask you to complete an in-depth online questionnaire and to return it with the payment. Based on the questionnaire, I will create your personalised remedy bottle of up to 7 flower remedies. 

Healing investment: £20 (incl. shipping – UK Mainland delivery only)

Make time for yourself. Invest in your health.

"Rooted in tradition and adapted for modern life, I use Reiki-Seichem and holistic therapies from around the world to help you feel good, restore balance, and start living the way you really want." Melanie


Reiki-Seichem is an advanced Egyptian form of energy healing. 

A Seichem treatment is conducted in exactly the same way as a Reiki treatment. The only difference being that additional healing energy is channelled i.e. both Reiki and Seichem healing energies are channelled simultaneously throughout the treatment, providing a much deeper healing experience for the client.

The frequency and vibration of the energy allows the mind to slow down and relax, moving from sympathetic nervous system dominance to the relax, rest and replenish aspect of the parasympathetic nervous system, thus initiating the innate healing system in the body. With such a deep relaxation response and calming effect, Reiki Seichem can help to alleviate pain, tight tense muscles and release mental and emotional stress.  

Healing investment:

55 minutes / £50

Add Reiki-Seichem healing to your massage 30 minutes / £25

Japanese face massage

Tsuboki Japanese face massage is a wonderfully relaxing yet energising treatment. It involves applying traditional Japanese massage techniques (Anma) to the neck and face and acupressure techniques which concentrate on specific points, or tsubo's, on the face. This traditional healing modality provides many health benefits and is great for people who need to de-stress or hold tension in their face and neck.

This Japanese face massage includes the following:

. Therapeutic neck, shoulder and scalp massage

. Detailed face massage using organic Japanese Camellia oil

. Acupressure using Ridoki derma rollers

. Lymphatic Drainage

Healing investment: 55 minutes / £50

Ayurvedic Indian head massage

Indian head massage has been practised for thousands of years by Ayurvedic healers. It is a soothing therapy that involves massage of the back, shoulders, neck, head and face. It acts on the central nervous system and reduces the aches and tension in the head. It reduces muscle stiffness and tenderness, relieves anxiety symptoms, calms sensory overloads, improves sleep patterns, eases frustration, and boosts mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing in people of all ages.

Healing investment: 55 minutes / £50

Thai herbal facial massage

This traditional Thai facial has been practised for centuries. It combines heat therapy, herbal therapy, aromatherapy, and facial reflexology. During the treatment I carefully select your botanical products to develop a facial routine best suited to nurture your skin type and emotional state. At the core of this beautiful facial is the application of warm herbal compresses filled with a blend of natural dried herbs of lavender, chamomile and marigold. The herbal compresses or pindas are designed to soothe and nourish the facial muscles and delicate eye area. To me, it has to be the best natural beauty treatment to get healthy and glowing skin.  

Healing investment: 75 minutes / £70

Thai warm bamboo massage

In traditional Chinese culture, bamboo is used for its healing properties and represents life, energy, prosperity, longevity and fertility. Although it is a form of deep tissue massage, it still induces a deep sense of relaxation and inner peace. This therapy is becoming more clearly appreciated and scientifically understood and can help manage stress and promote overall good health. A warm bamboo massage is great for relieving pain, improving flexibility and range of motion, boosting the immune system, improving the circulatory system and decreasing the levels of stress-related hormones.  

Healing investment: coming soon

Thai foot massage

This ancient healing art has elements of Reflexology, Shiatsu, Chinese massage and Yoga incorporated into the massage itself. It involves hands-on stretching and massage, along with the use of a stick to stimulate the reflex points. This healing modality provides many health benefits as it stimulates the internal organs, detoxifies and strengthens the immune system, promotes self-healing, and creates a feeling of mental calmness, which can last several days following the treatment. 

Healing investment:

55 minutes / £50

75 minutes / £65 (incl. hand reflexology)