Healing meditation classes

Access happiness from within. Learn how to shift your thoughts and feelings in any given moment regardless of external conditions. Each week we practice a meditation with a specific strategy to help you feel good, such as unplugging the mind, cultivating gratitude, flooding the body with "happy hormones" and heart-opening for unconditional love and kind connection with the world. The classes are fun, healing and all are welcome. 



Wellness classes

Learn powerful yet simple mind-body activities that reduce stress and increase wellbeing. Each week we explore and practise various healing modalities such as breathing exercises, mindfulness techniques, self-massage, yoga, and meditation to help you bring more balance, clarity, caring and joy to your life.

The classes are enjoyable, uplifting and all are welcome. Bring props, blankets, cushions, and an open mind and heart.


Ruesri Dat Ton Thai self-massage & stretching

Learn to give yourself a full body Thai massage. Ruesri Dat Ton is a complete self-care system from Thai Traditional Medicine. The practice includes full-body self-massage and joint mobilisation exercise sequences as well as postures to soften and treat stuck muscle tissue, free up the joints and create new space in the body & mind. You don't need to bring a partner to participate!

Community classes will be back this Autumn.

Sharing yoga and mindfulness benefits to support the evolution of a wise, kind, and healthy world.

Japanese sumi-e painting black and white swallow birds