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CBD Himalayan salt stone massage

This full body treatment combines 100% organic CBD balm with the healing properties of aromatherapy and a warm Himalayan salt stone massage. This powerful synergy is used to soothe away an accumulation of stress and take away all negativity stored in the body to create a heightened sense of positivity and wellness overall. ​

Wellness investment: coming soon (January 2022)

I am using British CBD brand Spirit of Hemp, a supplier of high quality organic CBD products rich in terpenes, to create a range of wellness therapies which assist with pain relief, improve sleep, achieve healthy skin, reduce stress and anxiety and support overall positive mental health.

You will not get "high" during a CBD massage. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and does not have a psychoactive effect on the body.

CBD restorative massage

This treatment takes into account the "whole of you", including your physical, emotional and mental state on the day. Therefore, every single massage is completely unique, as your needs will change from day to day. This massage modality combines 100% organic CBD balm, complemented with traditional holistic massage techniques. This synergy has an extraordinary restorative effect on the nervous system and consequently brings the body back to equilibrium.

Wellness investment:

55 minutes / £65

85 minutes / £80