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Melanie Morel

I am a mum, friend, therapist, teacher, student, yogini, energy healer. But I am also love, light, energy, laughter, happiness, soul, stillness and, so much more.

For the last 22 years, I have worked privately to develop a personal understanding of wellness, healing, and transformation. I officially adopted yoga as a self-care practice to manage PMDD, a disorder in the brain's ability to adapt to hormone changes. The benefits of a daily yoga practice are far-reaching, which is what motivated me to become a mindfulness and yoga teacher. Focusing on inhaling and exhaling helps me stay present. Coming to my mat helps me to stay balanced and grounded. I am influenced by the teachings of Jeff Foster and healing arts, in the Indian, Tibetan, Thai, and Chinese traditions. I live my yoga through practising loving-kindness, simplicity, karma and travelling. I feel that having the chance to help others to care for themselves and their health, just as I have been empowered to heal, love and appreciate myself, is an amazing way to spend my life.